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Company registration is the first step that will give your plan a legal structure.Doing it yourself can make it a bit complicated and can prove heavy on your time and pocket. Therefore, a proper consultation is must in starting a business. Company Registration is the crucial step among all the required legal form of procedures that you need to select. Many problems can be encountered while registering your company as legal formalities differ with type of business, number and nationality of owners and ownership options. The applicant will be solicited to select the form fitting to their business type. These forms are almost similar because of similar nature of various businesses but due to the improper consultation and incomplete knowledge people sometimes get confused and find it difficult to choose a proper one. Filling a wrong form can land you in deep troubles as this is the most sensitive task of company formation. Thorough study and right consultation is therefore required for understanding the entire process of registration and company formation in Dubai to proceed in the right way.

In order to avoid the ramifications involved in the process of company registration and to have a smooth flow of this process, hiring a professional consultant is a great idea. Consultants are experts in analysing all sorts of documents and forms. Depending upon the type of business you own, they can suggest the exact document for your business.

Take your first step carefully to avoid the troubles and get in touch with us for your all business related queries.


Depending upon the type business activity, the licenses have been categorised as

  • Commercial licenses:
    Such licenses are issued to the business that will engage in any kind of trading activity.
  • Industrial licenses:
    These licenses are issued to that type of company that will engage in the manufacturing or establishment of similar industrial activity.
  • Professional licenses:
    These licenses are issued to professionals, artisans, craftsmen and service providers.

Although, these licenses are issued are issued by Dubai Economic Department but licenses for some categories of business may require approvals from various authorities or ministries. That is

  • Banks and other financial institutions require approvals from Central Bank of UAE.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical related business will require an approval from the Health Ministry.
  • Insurance and other related companies will have to get the approval from Ministryof Economy and Commerce.
  • Issuance of licenses for the companies engaged with manufacturing process must have the approval of the Ministry of Finance and Industry.
  • The companies engaged in the production of oil and gas will require additional approvals from the government agencies.

All industrial and commercial businesses in Dubai should be registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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