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One-stop solution for Tasheel application Dubai. The diverse and ever-increasing numbers of the workforce across the globe, Dubai was in need of streamlining the UAE labour law. In view of the situation, Tasheel was introduced as an entire eco-system for employment in the UAE. We at Al Taresh Amer provide assistance with Tasheel Application for Dubai through the legal government entities. 


Company License, License renewal, and Tasheel Application Dubai

DED stands for the Department of Economic Development. Dubai DED services include Dubai licensing, classification of economic activity permitted within Dubai. Not only that, but it also deals in issuing trade permits for marketing activities and setting business work hours as well. DED is the legal authority for your business setup in Dubai. If you need to get all the company licenses done or renewed, we will assist in a proficient way.

If you run a business in Dubai or planning to start in the future. You will need to get a business visa and business license from Dubai authorities. This is where Al Taresh Amer comes in. We can help you to ensure all trading and trade license in Dubai is in place and done correctly. We deal with all other licensing services especially company license renewal Dubai.


Al Taresh Amer Center For DED Services

We are an authorized consultancy center that offers all Dubai DED services. Al Taresh Amer has been in business for years striving for your benefit, we are made for this job.


Tasheel Application With Al Taresh Amer

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