Apply For Business Visa In Dubai

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A diverse team of visa processing professional at your disposal of providing business visa services for Dubai. We are helping immigrants for their business visa processing for Dubai. At Al Taresh Amer, we handle every task of processing your visa through the legal authorities. We have been able to help thousands of immigrants to get their visa for business processed with our swift process. Leave your worries for visa processing to Al Taresh Amer.

What Is A Dubai Business Visa?

A business visa is simply a type of visa for foreigners who want to start their business in Dubai. With this type of visa, immigrants can obtain a long-term visa aimed to create an attractive environment for foreign investors to be part of Dubai’s growing economy.

Who Is Eligible For A Dubai Business Visa?

Anybody having a will to start a business in Dubai or anybody who has the professional experience can apply for the same. You should have experience of running a business in your career and wish to start again in the UAE. Apart from this, the applicants must pass the provisions of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, following a health assessment and background check.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dubai Business Visa?

The biggest benefit of obtaining a business visa is a length of stay. Once the visa is issued, the immigrant is authorized to:

  • Start the venture in Dubai and business smoothly.
  • Stay in the country for a duration of 6 months with a multiple-entry visa facility for establishing the business.
  • Three of the business’s senior staff can obtain residency.

Al Taresh Business Visa Services

If you will qualify for all the requisites it cannot guarantee that you will receive the visa. Your application goes under review of specialized committees and grant approval. Not only this approval but you will also need to follow the provisions of the FAIC to get the visa issued.

That is where we help, Al Taresh Amer has connections with the essential ministry departments in Dubai. We guarantee you for the hassle-free Dubai business visa processing without any insignificant setbacks. We have been recognized by the Dubai authorities for providing excellent visa services and known as the leader in customer support.

There is no need to roam from one government department for your visa. Al Taresh Amer manages everything from business visa document preparation to processing and dispatch. Al Taresh Amer has a proven track record of providing exceptional visa services in Dubai. We have the deepest levels of expertise in visa processing. We have been in business for years and we know how to get a business visa without any hassle.

If Dubai is calling you for ravishing business opportunities? then a business visa is vitally important. Our dedicated team will help you to get a business visa swiftly at your doorstep. You only need to keep the documentation ready for the visa application and rest will be done by us.

Documents Required For Dubai Business Visa Application

  • You need copies of the first and last page of your passport.
  • A couple of coloured photos with a specified size of 4.3 cms X 5.5 cms.
  • You also need financial reports such as income tax returns, Form 16, Investment proofs in case of bank deposits.
  • You need NOC’s for ladies and students.
  • Need marriage certificates in case of travelling couples.
  • You also need a confirmed airline ticket for the passenger.

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