Apply For Dubai Residence Visa


Al Taresh Amer is the terminus to obtain Dubai residence visa. Be it application for a residence visa, Residence visa renewal services or cancellation of residence visa. We deal with all visa related services.

The Dubai residence visa allows an immigrant the right to permanent residence in the UAE. A citizen is provided with both work and the residence visa with an identification card instead of the passport for general identity proof. Immigrants with the visa must enter the country at least once after every six months to maintain the residence visa’s validity.

Al Taresh Amer deals with end to end visa processing services, from document processing to deliver. We have years of experience in dealing with visa services in Dubai. Our team helps to process visa documents and ensure that all your necessities are met in the most productive way and without any nuisance. 

Sparing your time and resources, all you need to help us with all the necessary documents and sit back. We deliver your Dubai residence visa to your doorstep. We are the most promising visa service providers across the UAE. 


Who Should Apply For A Dubai Residence Visa?

A residence visa for Dubai requires applicants aged 18 and above. They will undergo a medical test to check their medical fitness. They are obliged to pass a security check and apply for an Emirates ID card. Al Taresh Amer will get you through with all these requirements under a single roof. 


What Is The Validity Of The Residence Visa?

The validity of residence visa for Dubai varies from 1-3 Years depending upon the type and sponsor. Recent changes which are subjected to certain conditions It can also be issued for 5 and 10 years. Furthermore, to maintain the validity a resident must enter the country at least once after every six months.

Benefits Of Having A Residence Visa

  • You can possess a bank account
  • The full access to financial facilities
  • You can apply for a driving licence in Dubai
  • Access to all government health services and health insurance
  • You can register your children in government and private schools
  • Work and invest easily in any sector
  • You can travel visa-free to certain destinations

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