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Are you puzzled “how to renew Dubai residence visa online”?, Al Taresh Amer guides through the complete process and serves as the one-stop destination for Renewing residence visa for Dubai.

How to Renew a Residence Visa in Dubai?

All you need to know about renewing your residence visa, we have got you covered. Al Taresh Amer has years of experience in dealing with legalities associated with renewing your Dubai residence visa. We make sure that all your visa renewal needs are met in the most efficient and hassle-free manner. Now you don’t have to worry about all the legalities as we handle everything for you right from document processing to delivering.

Visa Renewal Application

After every two or three years, residence visas tend to expire and ought to be renewed. In case you are outside of Dubai for six months or more, which will make it void. Either way, before renewing the visa you are supposed to take another medical test and apply for a new Resident ID. 

For Dubai residence visa renewal and cancellation you are required to do is to visit our office with your documents and we will handle the rest. Whether it is about residence visa renewal or cancellation, Visa Renewal of expatriate family (wife & children), we deal with everything. We have been in business with legal institutions and departments in the UAE. 

Visa Renewal Process

Al Taresh Amer is a well-known agency for all kinds of immigration services. We process your documents in a timely manner and provide you with establishments’ cards renewal, Cancellations on time without any unnecessary delays. The whole process from submitting your visa renewal application until getting the actual renewal, Al Taresh takes care of everything. 

Visa Cancellation Application

In most cases, your residence visa for Dubai is cancelled by your employer. Furthermore, there is a need for your involvement in the process. You can follow the process to cancel the residence visa on your own both for family and yourself.

The key things to remember before cancelling your residence visa:

  • You need to cancel the visa of your dependents first if any.
  • You have to clear all the obligations if you are planning to leave the UAE. The process may include ending your tenancy agreements, sell your belongings and assets, clear your debts if any, and close the bank accounts.
  • Visit a typing office to ease up the process of cancellation. We are the registered typing center in Dubai.


Why Choose Al Taresh For Visa Renewal & Cancellation?

  • Reputable relationship with the government departments
  • Years of experience in the field.
  • Hassle-free and timely visa renewal services.
  • We conduct all operations and meet all government bodies for you.
  • Doorstep services.

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