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Amer Services

We specialize in a full range of Visa processing services, including Visa applications, Visa renewals, and Visa cancellations in Dubai.

Golden Visa

This visa allows its holders to work and study in the United Arab Emirates without the need for a sponsor.

Investors Visa

Investors visa in Dubai is an excellent choice for foreign citizens who want to start a business or invest in an existing firm in Dubai.

Visit Visa

UAE’s visit visas can be issued for 30 or 90 days, for non-residents looking to visit the Emirates.

Residence Visa

The Dubai residence visa allows an immigrant the right to permanent residence in the UAE.

Maid Visa

Sponsoring a maid in Dubai is not an easy task. You need to get acquainted with all the standards and regulations which are involved in the process.

Family Visa

If you have a valid UAE resident visa, you can sponsor first-degree family members to come and live with you in the UAE.


This department processes any entry permits, Dubai visit visas, residence visas, Dubai work visas and more for entering and living in Dubai.

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Legal Services

Having dealt with many clients in our line of work, we are experienced in the line of business services and Visa applications.

Legal Translation

Legal translation services are usually required when submitting files and paperwork relevant to your work to government entities in the UAE.

Corporate Health Insurance

Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai offers integrated services to support companies in conducting their business smoothly.

Emirates ID Renewal

Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai is a government-approved Amer Center that handles all government issuances, including Emirates ID services.

DHA Medical Fitness Test

We help with any type of health-related trading and medical fitness services.

Al Taresh Amer Center Dubai

If you need to apply for a work permit in Dubai, a Visa, or the best attestation and translation service provider, you've come to the right place. Al Taresh government services—Amer Center Dubai—provides you with all of your government transactions in one location, on schedule and hassle-free manner.

Al Taresh government services is a prominent Amer Government Center in Dubai, with a team of experts and experienced employees that serves its clients with exceptional services in a timely and comfortable manner.

Amer Services at Al Taresh Amer Center

Al Taresh government services —Amer Center Dubai— offers a full range of government services such as work Visas, including a work permit and a medical examination for the Visa, a short-term visitor Visa for a leisure trip in Dubai, in addition to many other services such as translation. We support companies with their employees’ Visa applications besides offering professional PRO services to businesses to help them manage their operations as smoothly as possible through our sister company Al Taresh BMS.

Why Choose Al Taresh government services- Amer Center for Governmental Services in Dubai

  • A professional team of highly experienced staff
  • Skilled in handling various types of government documents and transactions
  • Providing efficient services and convenient communication with our friendly helpful personnel
  • Up to date with the latest developments in procedures and requirements
  • Strong contacts with all relevant government departments in Dubai

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