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Business Setup in Dubai

For many years, we have supported business founders in establishing their businesses and registering their companies, achieving success that put us at the top among the best companies in this field. We specialize and excel in each of the following categories:

Mainland Company Formation

A company in mainland Dubai needs to obtain a license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) upon its formation. We take care of all the procedures for registering a company in the mainland and all the steps that follow, ensuring a seamless process.

Offshore Company Formation

An offshore company provides tax advantages and allows you to operate outside of your jurisdiction, giving you access to global resources, opportunities and benefits.

Freezone Company Formation

Free zones in Dubai offer tax and customs advantages that are beneficial to business. There are more than 30 free zones in Dubai, each with its own advantages. We take care of all the registration steps for the free zone company in addition to professional consultancy.

PRO Services

We provide the document clearance services you need to start your business, set up your company, and obtain all approvals for the establishment of your company.

Visa Services in Dubai

We specialize in visa processing services of all kinds, including visa issuance, renewal, and cancellation of visas in Dubai.

Our main services include:

Employment Visa Processing

The next step that you start preparing and implementing immediately after establishing your business in Dubai, including the registration of the company and the issuance of the commercial license to start its activities, is to form your team.

Dependent Visa Processing

Residence visa holders whose salaries are above 4000 AED per month are entitled to apply for a visa for their family members, known as dependent visa.

Domestic Worker Visa Processing

The UAE government understands the family's need to hire nannies, drivers, or maids. Approval for this type of visa is obtained by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) through Tadbeer system. We carry out all steps of the domestic worker visa process on your behalf.

Golden Visa Processing

The UAE has started granting a new long-term residence visa, the Golden Visa. The Golden Visa allows foreigners to live, work and study in the UAE without the need for a sponsor.

Al Taresh Business Services

We at Al Taresh Business Services believe in the importance of the work we provide to companies and employers and the role it plays in making the implementation of their business easier. It is our number one goal to provide our clients with high quality, trouble-free and professional services and to achieve the purpose for which our business was built. We provide our services with high professionalism and can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and sectors.

We provide advice and consultation to help you set up your business in Dubai and improve its productivity and growth. We can assist you with LLC establishment in Dubai, offshore company formation in Dubai and mainland company formation in Dubai. From start to finish with deep knowledge and long experience in accomplishing tasks related to clearing transactions in all its forms.

Why choose Al Taresh for Business Services?

We always strive to provide the most convenient experience for all our customers through all the services we provide, and we are keen on diligent follow-up, fast delivery, and completion of all necessary procedures without involving you in the complexities of the process.

Al Taresh Business Services is a clear platform that provides customers with a smooth experience and enables them to complete their work without wasting time or effort in clearing official papers and transactions with various government agencies.

Our services cover everything related to business services and visa issuance and support you in the journey of establishing your company in Dubai and issuing all the necessary licenses to start your business. Our long experience in this field and our close relationships with all government departments and agencies allow us to get the work done quickly and effectively.

All of this is done without you having to bother with the details of the process, as we fulfill our business services to give you the best possible experience.

As one of the first establishing companies that work in this sector, we always strive for the best. and here is how we do it:

  • Strong professional team.
  • Years of experience.
  • In-depth knowledge in the field
  • Communication with only one party.
  • Simple and direct process.

Our Core Business Values

Our values represent our belief in what we do and how our work provides companies and business owners with a great value, making the process of establishing their companies and conducting their work in relation to government transactions much easier. We always strive to stay at the top and are keen to adhere to our values represented in:


We have nothing but the utmost respect for your time, which is why we do what we do so you don't have to.


We recognise our duty in carrying out the job to the best of our ability with complete integrity.


Our goal is to build and maintain a trust-based relationship with our clients that would last for a long time. We acquire this trust with our rigorous commitment to hard work and precision.


We offer a variety of services aimed at meeting your diverse needs. We are keen to provide all of our services comprehensively with great attention to detail.

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