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Work Permit

Work Permit Application in Dubai

Through our experienced and qualified staff, we provide you with the support and guidance you require to acquire work permits in Dubai. Because we understand the significance of having the correct documentation to ensure that the entire process is smooth, we always do our best to serve you with the utmost accuracy especially when applying for a resident visa and work permit in Dubai.

Apply for Work Permits with Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai

Our long-standing relationships with various government departments, and expertise in the field enables us to process your application in a timely manner, with little to no action needed from you.

Conditions for Work Permit Application:

  1. The status of the establishment must be private.
    The establishment must have an approved electronic work share.
    The establishment must have an electronic signature card.
    The work permit must comply with the approved work contract forms and conditions per the work patterns set for that.


1. What is work permit in UAE?

A work permit is sometimes known as a labor card. Before applying for a work permit, employees must first get an entrance visa, a resident visa, and an Emirate ID card.

2. Do Dubai residents need GDRFA approval for entry?

3. How long does it take to get GDRFA approval?

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