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Family Visa and Dependant Visa

Dependant Visa Application In Dubai

If you have a valid UAE resident visa, you can sponsor first-degree family members to come and live with you in the UAE. After receiving your residence visa, you can begin the procedures for obtaining a spouse and children visa, provided you earn at least 4000 AED per month.

You can apply for visas for your family members with Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai is one-stop shop for visa services. We provide a variety of services related to the issuance, renewal, or cancellation of a dependant visa.

When applying for a residence permit for a member of your family, whether your wife, children, or parents, you will receive the best possible service from our trained team of visa experts at Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai.

Apply For Dependant Visa with Al Taresh Amer Center Dubai

Visa applications are managed entirely by our team from beginning to end. When you seek the services of Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai, you won’t have to worry about any of the stages involved in the issuance of the dependant visa you’re filing for a family member, from the moment the paperwork is received until your visas are approved and delivered to you.

Our many years of experience enable us to deal with all types of visa services in Dubai. Our team processes documents and ensures that all the requirements are met for a hassle-free and convenient experience.

Using Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai for visa services will allow you to save time, effort and money.

Documents Required to Apply for dependant Visa

  1. The original ID of the sponsor
  2. A copy of the sponsor’s passport
  3. A copy of the sponsor’s residence visa
  4. The sponsor’s work contract or salary certificate
  5. A copy of the commercial license and the sponsor’s contract if the sponsor is a partner or an investor, with a bank statement for the last three months
  6. A copy of the birth certificate, attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the children
  7. A copy of the marriage contract attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the spouse
  8. A copy of the sponsored passport
  9. A personal photo with a white background

How long is the validity of the dependant visa?

The period of validity the dependant visa has varies depending on the sponsor and the sponsored. It could be for one, two, or three years from the date of issuing. It can be renewed for similar periods after meeting the same requirements as when the visa was first issued.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I travel to a different Emirate with a dependant Visa?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions on travel inside The UAE for dependant visa holders.

2. How long does a Dependant Visa application take to process?

3. What are the steps to apply for a Dependant Visa in Dubai?

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