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Ejari Renewal

What Is Ejari?

Ejari is an online Dubai rental or lease contract registration system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) where tenancy contracts need to be recorded. Landlords are required to enter their property details and terms of the tenancy agreement at this portal. Ejari Dubai portal attempts to legalize the relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai. The Ejari system will end the malpractices in the rental sector and make the whole procedure transparent for all the associated stakeholders. Both the landlord and the tenant bear the responsibility of registering the tenancy contract at the Ejari Portal. Tenancy contracts not registered at Ejari won’t be protected by any regulatory authority in Dubai. At AlTaresh, we help with all the legalities associated with Ejari registration.

When Should You Renew Your Ejari?

All good things come to an end, thus so does your Ejari tenancy contract. Every time your Dubai tenancy contract ends, you are required to register with Ejari again, as stated in the Law No.26 of 2017.

The same rates apply when looking to renew your Ejari registration. It will cost AED 221.75.

Documents Required For Ejari Renewal

  1. Original tenancy contract. (unified tenancy contract)
  2. Applicant’s original Emirates ID card.
  3. Copy of owner’s passport with the signature page, or a copy of the Emirates ID (both sides).
  4. Copy of the map or the title deed certificate (in case the owner’s name is different from the system, or the owners are the heirs), or if there is no land plot number in the contract.
  5. If the tenant is a company: a copy of the trade license is also required. For new companies, the initial approval application is required with submission of their trade name approval application.
  6. If the tenant is an individual: a copy of the passport with the residence visa page and the Emirates ID of the tenant are required.
  7. In case of contract signed by power of attorney; it must be brought. If it is from outside the UAE, it must be certified by the UAE Foreign Ministry inside the UAE. In addition to that is a copy of the attorney person’s passport with the signature page or a copy of his ID and copy of resident visa page.

Ejari Renewal Application Submission

With the superior logistical facilities and services and the solid ground that Dubai provides, in addition to being a commercial center that enjoys a geographical location between the East and West and forms a link between them, it provides investors in the industrial field with the best location to set up their business.

  • The attorney person by the land lord or the person registering cannot be employed by a real estate company.
  • The applicant must be of relevance: a landlord, a tenant, or someone with POA. Here, the original authorization documents must be brought or a relative of the first blood with proof of kinship.
  • If the applicant is a company delegate, he must be registered in the license.
  • In case the applicant is a PRO of the company, he must provide a PRO card with the name of the said company.

  • If the applicant is an employee, he must provide a letter of delegation with the company’s letterhead paper stamped and signed by them, in addition to a copy of the applicant’s passport copy, visa page copy, which prove his relation to the said company with his original Emirates ID card.

Why Choose Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee?

We can help you to handle all your Ejari registrations and rent renewals. With years of experience in this sector, we understand the complications that may go into this process, which is why we are here. Through our services, we can provide the following:

  • No need to visit the RERA Office.
  • No need for RERA training courses.
  • Full guidance and information from our team.
  • Having 3 Ejari locations in Dubai, we will be close to you wherever you are, (Al Manara Ejari /South of Dubai, Al Kifaf / City Center, Al Twar / North of Dubai)
  • Since we are located inside Dubai Municipal Centers, you will be able to do all the governmental services you need under one roof.

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