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Rental Dispute Center

What Is A Rental Dispute Center?

In the occasion of a disagreement between a landlord and the tenant and they cannot find an amicable solution amongst them, the dispute may escalate to the point of legal action; this is where the Rental Dispute Center in Dubai comes in.

Operating the same way as the Dubai courts, except focused on any property and rental issues for example, tenant disputes.

We provide a rental dispute service ready to make your life so much easier.

We provide legal services with the aim of helping you with the resolution of any dispute regarding the real estate be it rental dispute or anything else.

So, we provide you all rental dispute centre services in Dubai. We resolve all landlord and tenant disputes in Dubai. We have the best experience and know what it takes to resolve all rental disputes.

Why Choose Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee?

We are a Dubai Land Department certified center that can help with hassle free rental dispute and tenant dispute resolution. We have the experience and the skills to handle various types of rental disputes.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  1. Years of experience in the field.
  2. Friendly and committed staff ready to help.
  3. Saves you time and effort with knowledge of actions and procedures that may be taken.
  4. PTime-efficient and helps get the job done quickly.
  5. Solution-oriented results based on our client’s needs.
  6. Since we are located inside Dubai Municipal Centers, you will be able to do all the governmental services you need under one roof.
  7. Having 3 different locations in Dubai we will be close to you wherever you are, (Al Manara /South of Dubai, Al Kifaf / City Center, Al Twar / North of Dubai)

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