Apply For Dubai Work Permit Application and Labor Contract

As established by the immigration laws, foreign workers must own a residence visa and work permit to work in Dubai. Al Taresh AMER provides work permit application Dubai services for the expatriates in a time-efficient manner. We are a registered company that can sponsor work permits for foreign nationals intending to work in Dubai.  Al Taresh also assists in providing Labor contracts for Dubai and any other related services.

Dubai Labor Contract and Work Permit Application

At Al Taresh, We process work permits and Labor contracts for Dubai in a few weeks depending on the nationality of the employee. We arrange compulsory tests, documentation of the employees for the proper transition of the procedures. Our proficient team then submits a work permit application to the Department of Labour for quota approval and get it done proficiently without causing any hassle to you. 

Al Taresh Amer has trusted and well-experienced experts that provide you with numerous options best suited for the employees. Our efficient team ensures the smooth completion of all your work permit needs. Being one of the best Companies in Municipality Services Sector in Dubai, we are focused on providing reliable customer support. We assure swift processes when it comes to labour contracts for Dubai requirement while keeping you aware of the forms and the guidelines. 

Al Taresh Amer offers a platform to handle all governmental operations quickly and effectively. Our work permit application issuance enables you to focus on your job while we do the tiring chore for you.

Perks of Hiring our Services for Dubai work application and Labor contract:

  1. Timely execution of the process
  2. Reliable Handling of the supporting documents for all work applications for Dubai
  3. Walkthrough guidelines for Labor contracts at every step
  4. Cost-Efficient and affordable services
  5. A team of professionals and experienced staff

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