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Corporate Services

Corporate Services in Dubai:

Our corporate government services at Al Taresh government services (Amer Center Dubai) are available to medium and small businesses. These services are designed to assist corporations and business owners with the essential applications, permits, and approvals like Visas, work permits, health insurance, and other papers and records.

We offer a full range of government transactions required for your company and employees that can be processed quickly with no hassle or stress.

Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai Corporate Services in Dubai:

Visa services:

We can issue all necessary official papers for your company’s employees and their families in no time through our good contacts with various government administrative departments and bodies in Dubai, such as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, such as an entry permit for an employee or their family members, issuing, renewing, and canceling residence Visas, issuing a change of status, and renewing a representative card company, and more.

Emirates ID:

We process applications for ID issuance, renewal, and replacement of a lost ID through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for all categories of citizens and residents, including corporate employees and their families residing in Dubai.

Medical fitness application:

We help corporate personnel and their families obtain the medical examination report required by the Dubai Health Authority in order to issue a residency Visa.

Health insurance services:

Everyone in Dubai is required to have health insurance, and residence permits cannot be provided without it. We assist companies with the issuance of health insurance.

Benefits of Al Taresh government services- Amer Center Dubai Corporate Services

We have a team of specialists in the field of government transactions who have extensive experience dealing with this type of work, so they can complete it quickly and efficiently. With us, you can complete all of the documentation that your firm requires in one spot. Here are some of the advantages you will have from working with us:

  • Accuracy in work and speed in delivery.
  • Dealing with professional and friendly staff.
  • Detailed knowledge of the field and staying abreast of the latest laws and government decisions.
  • Experience in dealing with various types of documents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What are corporate service providers?
Corporate service providers are professional organizations that provide business support services to other companies, such as establishing and registering companies, extracting the necessary papers for the functioning of the organization, registering its employees, and issuing their Visas and official papers.

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