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Establishment Registration

Registration of Establishments in Dubai (Establishment Card Application)

Applying for an establishment card, which includes providing the establishment with a number that will be entered into the data system along with all the details such as the address, the owners, authorized signatories, and the type of activity the establishment will be engaged in, is the first step in registering your business data with the Ministry.

Establishment Card Application

The company or business must fulfill a number of requirements in order to receive an establishment card, including holding a current license, having a personal number registered with the ministry, and having all facilities owned by the license holder or service agent registered in the ministry with a single personal number. … other Requirements that must be met before requesting the issuing of an establishment card.

For your convenience, we at Al Taresh Government Services (Amer Center Dubai) investigate every aspect. We make sure that you are fully qualified and in possession of the appropriate paperwork. We keep things straightforward and easy.

Establishment Services

We offer the following establishment services at Al Taresh government services, Amer Center Dubai:

  • Issuing a new establishment card
  • New establishment card
  • Renew establishment card
  • Update Establishment card

Documents required to issue a new establishment card

  • The original EID.
  • A copy of the valid license
  • memorandum of association
  • A copy of the partners’ passport

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take to issue a new establishment card?
It takes two working days to get the establishment card issued.

2. How do I get an establishment card in Dubai?
You can visit one of our AMER service centers to get the assistance you need for issuing your establishment card. To submit the application, you must submit the relevant documents and pay the costs at the center.

3.What is an establishment card in the UAE?
The establishment card, also known as a CEC or CIC (company immigration card), is a plastic card the size of a bank card that contains identifying information about your organization.

4.What is the procedure to apply for the establishment card?
Bring your paperwork to our Al Taresh government services at Amer Center Dubai to obtain the application form.Fill it out and get it translated into Arabic; we can also help you with that. Then you will need to get your company seal and signature from your partners for the card to be issued.

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