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What Are Freezones in Dubai?

Freezones, also called Free Trade Zones are special zones in Dubai which provide tax and customs duty benefits to the foreign investors. Freezones were set up with the aim of attracting foriegn investments and boost industrial growth. Each Freezone is managed and operated by its own relevant authority. There are more than 30 Freezones in Dubai each designed around some particular category.

Dubai Freezones have an excellent growth rate. For example, Jebel Ali Freezone has a subsidized rate of 32% on FDI. And the Dubai International Financial Centre has an estimated growth rate of 25%. It is therefore correct to say that Freezones offer excellent growth opportunities for Businesses. Setting up a business in Dubai Freezones offers 100% import and export tax exemptions.

Some of the Freezones are listed below:

  • Dubai Airport Freezone
  • Dubai Design District.
  • Dubai Healthcare City.
  • Dubai International Academic City
  • Dubai International Financial Centre.
  • Dubai Knowledge Village.
  • Dubai Media City.
  • Jebel Ali Freezone.
  • Dubai Studio City.
  • Dubai World Central.

Company Formation in Freezone, Dubai:

Are you still looking for a Dubai Freezone Company Setup? then your wait is over as we will help you with all the procedures needed for company setup and Freezone company formation in Dubai. Our business consultants will help you with all the documents needed for the hassle-free registration process. With years of experience we have helped thousands of clients in setting their companies in Dubai free zone; letting them focus on what they do best.

We, at Al Taresh, will assist you in incorporating your company in more than 40 free zones across the UAE. The entire process is so straight-forward, it requires loads of information to consider and review the decision which free zone will suit your business requirements, including price, location, business, type, office options, bookkeeping, auditing, and much more. So, this is where the Al Taresh team steps in. We will walk you through the entire process, one step at a time, navigate you in the right direction while keeping your budget in view, and ultimately providing a stress-free journey.

Free Zone:

Free Zone is an area within a country where there are no duties or taxes for companies. The reason behind it is to promote foreign investment & trade like import & export of all goods.

Setting up a business in Dubai provides extensive growth opportunities for all companies. Dubai free zone offers the perfect opportunity for foreign investors who want to complete ownership of their business & is a favorable location for setting up of company in UAE. Free zones operate outside of Law of Ministry of Labor & don't have to follow rules & regulations of Federal Law.

These free zones are governed under special regulations regulated by the free zone authority. You can set up different types of businesses in free zones based on your requirements, these are: 1. Free Zone Establishment - Single shareholder 2. Free Zone Company - More than one shareholders 3. Branch Company - Branch of local company or branch of the foreign company

Why set up in a free zone?

The main advantage of setting up in a free zone for foreign investors is that they retain 100% of their business and this privilege is not accessible outside the free zone. It is the best bet for non-UAE residents. Some additional benefits include:

1. Easy setup

2. No Tax and duty

3. Foreign ownership

4. Easy Trading within the UAE

5. Privacy protection

Procedures to set up business in Dubai Freezone are the following:

  • First, it is important to determine the type of legal entity your business will take like Free Zone Limited Liability Company & Free Zone Establishment.
  • You should choose a trading name according to the rules & regulations of the country.
  • Then apply for a business license that will help you in the setting of business in Dubai.
  • Choose an office space carefully which better suits your company for work.
  • Lastly, get pre-approvals, register your business in Dubai and get your business license because for that you need to apply for all documents required & follow the complete process.

Benefits for forming Companies in Free zone Dubai are the following:

  • There is 100% foreign ownership. No Sponsor is required as companies can have full control. Investors can invest, irrespective of any nationality or country.
  • There is relief from paying corporate & income tax.
  • Freedom to set up of company without any local partner.
  • There is relief from all import & export tax.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit is available.
  • Hassle-free & reliable transaction process is there.
  • The fast registration process of the Company.

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