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PRO Services

Public Relation Officer (PRO) services refer to the sum total of professional documents clearing services that are imperative on any start-up or company to be fulfilled for their smooth working.

To handle everything from the gaining of approvals, and positive nods to the setting up of your company especially here in Dubai requires professional assistance mostly because rules around here almost change on a regular basis. This is where we surface.

BMS Al Taresh group is a renowned name in the PRO services Dubai. From established companies to start-ups striving to make an appearance here in Dubai, we offer A-Z PRO services from the commencement lasting throughout the period of your association with us.

During this period, we offer services like application assistance, shares transfer, regulatory approvals, commercial licensing and direct ministry access. We undertake these tedious responsibilities for you while staying updated about the latest trends in regulations in the country. By saving your time, reducing your expenditure and focusing your efforts towards realising your dream, we provide a hassle-free environment for you to prosper.

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