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What Does PRO Mean? And Who is a PRO Officer?

Throughout the GCC, the term PRO has a very distinct meaning. The term PRO is an acronym for Public Relations Officer and refers to government-certified professionals responsible for establishing a channel of communication between businesses and the government. In other words, they are Government Liaison Officers.

Why Do You Need PRO Services in Dubai?

Companies in Dubai are required to process paperwork with various government departments, some of which can include:

  • Commercial license application and renewal
  • Immigration and visa approvals
  • General administration paperwork
  • Transactions with the Ministry of Health
  • Transactions with the Municipality
  • Transactions with the Notary Public

All these legal processes require a strong understanding of local laws and regulations and can be time-consuming. As a specialist PRO service provider with a strong semi-government presence in the market, Al Taresh offers a range of corporate and personal PRO services, to effectively and efficiently acquire approvals and documentation required for businesses in Dubai.

Corporate PRO Services:

  1. Electronic Signature Card Issuance.
  2. Ministry Of Labor Signature Approval Card.
  3. Issue new Establishment Card in MoHRE & GDRFA.
  4. Commercial License Renewal, license amendment.
  5. Adding An Authorized Signatory in DED, MoHRE, GDRFA.

Employee / Staff PRO Services

  1. Staff Visas Issuance
  2. Visa Renewal
  3. Visa Cancellation
  4. Contract Data Modification
  5. Emirates Id Printing
  6. Medical Examination Printing
  7. Visa Printing

Personal / Family PRO Services

  1. Residency Visa For The Spouse
  2. Parents’ Residency Visa In Dubai
  3. Residence Visa Renewal
  4. Children’s Visa Renewal
  5. Amer Transaction Printing
  6. Emirates Id Printing
  7. Medical Examination Printing
  8. Residency Printing
  9. Visa Printing

Why Choose Al Taresh For PRO Services In Dubai?

Al-Tarash Businessmen Services Company is one of the well-known companies for business set-up, visa processing and PRO services in Dubai. Our team has a long experience and is familiar with the latest updates by government agencies.

Al-Tarsh Businessmen Company is a partner of Al-Tarsh Government Services Company, thus we guarantee you a smooth experience and a speedy process with all transactions related to Amer, the Ministry of Immigration and Foreigners Affairs, installing visas to passport, printing Emirates ID and printing medical examination.

We also provide you with the right professional advice for your company set up through years of experience and strong relationships with government agencies.

Local Sponsor Service

The UAE local sponsor must own 51% of the mentioned business if the legal form of the company is a limited liability company (LLC). For other legal forms, the local partner does not own any shares of the company.

Why do you need a local sponsor?

It’s required to have a local partner or a sponsor to form a company in Dubai in accordance with the Commercial Companies Law and the UAE Civil Law. It’s not required to have a local partner for some business activities, but a local service agent. The sponsor or the local service agent should be a citizen of the UAE or a company whose shareholders are 100% of UAE citizens. The UAE sponsor can play the role of a local service agent for an annual fee.

We at Al Taresh can give you all the assistance you need to have a local sponsor that you can trust.

Company Liquidation Services

Liquidation of companies in the UAE is among the most challenging course of action. However, Al Tarsh Businessmen Services provides this service to make the process easy and exceptionally profitable for clients who wish to wind up their business in the UAE.

When a company is liquidated or closed down, the company must be formally closed to avoid legal or material consequences. Regardless of the type of activity practised by the company, or the type of its legal entity, owners of the business must officially cancel the commercial license when they take the decision to close it or when it is in a legal situation that requires liquidation. The concerned government agencies must also be informed of the business closure and cancellation of the activity.

In joint-stock companies, the partner must discharge their financial liability from any obligations towards creditors and partners. They also should protect their rights, their commercial reputation and their professional relations in the company upon its liquidation.

Procedures for cancelling commercial licenses

Cancellation of the activity license is related to the legal form of the facility.

The process is straightforward with individual institutions. An application must be submitted to cancel the activity license through the concerned Department of Economic Development, in addition to obtaining all necessary documents from:

  1. Ministry of Labor
  2. General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  3. Electricity, water and connection service providers
  4. The lessor

Companies based on partnerships and financial shares, the process is more difficult in terms of steps and time, it requires:

  1. Quota Filter
  2. Debt collection
  3. Paying debts to creditors before finalizing with the Department of Economic Development

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