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Replacing Damaged or lost title deed

Request for Replacement for Damaged/ Lost Title Deed

Through this service, real estate owners and landlords can apply for a title deed if the original property certificate is damaged or lost. This is done by registering an official request from the owner of the land or property. The deed is issued after publication of a newspaper advertisement and after passage of the legal period, in case of any objection.

The cost of issuing a title deed is 1158.50 AED.

Documents required For Title Deed Replacement

  1. Filling out a lost or damaged application and signing it personally from the owner himself or his legal representative.
  2. Copy of the owner’s Emirates ID card.
  3. A newspaper advertisement in English (for 3 consecutive days).
  4. Police report of loss of title deed (in case of replacement for a lost title deed).
  5. Copy of the decree of distribution in case of death of the owner.
  6. If the property is in a non-freehold area, there is no need for an advertisement in the newspaper or a statement of loss from the police.

Conditions For Title Deed Replacement

Only those listed below can apply for title deed:

  1. The owner.
  2. The attorney person.
  3. The Company representative by official letter.

We provide this service of replacement of lost title deed to you through our centres within 30 working days.

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