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Update Property Ownership

Property Ownership Change Request (Title Deed Amendment)

This service allows you to register a request to update the information, whether it is real estate ownership data such as changing ownership, disengaging, requesting adding an owner, or making modifications related to the type of ownership, the region, the property number, or additional spaces such as parking and storage spaces.

Real estate data is updated by issuing a new title deed certificate to the owner of the land or property with all the modifications that have been requested such as the name of the owner or the region and so on.

Property Ownership Update Duration and Fees:

The completion of this process requires 7 days, in normal situations, and it costs AED 408.50

Documents Required for Property Ownership Change:

  1. Copy of the owner’s Emirates ID card.
  2. Original title deed.
  3. Survey report in case of changing the land area, or a new map from the Dubai Municipality or the Dubai Land Department (DLD Dubai).
  4. In case of a request to change the owner’s name (for citizens), the original Emirates ID must be attached in addition to a letter from the court.
  5. In case of a request to change the name of the owner (non-citizens), please attach the original Emirates ID (if any) / the original new passport and a copy of the old passport in addition to a letter from the embassy, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.
  6. If the property is mortgaged with any Banks, required NOC Letter from Bank.

Apply for Property Ownership Change with Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee

We understand the intricacies involved in the amendment of this document. Our experts can guide you through the entire process, and let you know the requirements for a smooth and hassle-free application.

As a Dubai Land Department authorized center, Al Taresh Trustee can help you in the process of Property Ownership Change in Dubai. Some of the benefits of applying for property ownership update with Al Taresh include:

  • Simple and time efficient process.
  • No need to visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office.
  • Having 3 different locations in Dubai we will be close to you wherever you are. Our branches are Al Manara in South Dubai, Al Kifaf City Center, and Al Twar North of Dubai.
  • Since we are located inside Dubai Municipal Centers, you will be able to do all the governmental services you need under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change ownership of a property in Dubai?

To change ownership of your property in Dubai, you need to apply through a Real Estate Services Trustee center like Al Taresh. You can submit your documents in person or contact us through email.

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