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Map Issuance

Land / Property Map – Dubai Land Department

The land map is a legal document representing the site plan of your registered property. This is used when designing the plot of land to obtain the necessary approvals at the construction stage from the concerned authorities or later to modify the design or layout, etc.

A land map, or site plan, includes important information such as location, land boundaries, dimensions, zoning systems that give an idea of ​​land uses, total area of ​​building, green spaces, parking spaces, and more.

Al Taresh Trustee offers a hassle-free Land Map Issuance process, without the need for visiting the Dubai Land Department office. Our experts can help apply and acquire your land or property map in a timely manner through our three specialized DLD-authorized centers across Dubai.

Land Map Validity

The validity period of the land map is five years from the date of its issue unless modifications are made to the plot of land during this period.

Land Map Issuance Duration

Land Map Issuance requires one working day If the application is submitted during the working hours of the Dubai Land Department. In other cases, the process will be completed on the following day.

If you are a property owner you might need a land map for your registered property which can be issued by the Dubai Land Department and includes a map of the land, unit, building, common areas, facilities, parking lots and additional stores.

Land Map Issuance Fees:

  • Dubai Land Map Issuance is AED 206
  • Unified Map (Including DM+ DLD) is AED 431
  • Unit/ Villa/ Building Map Issuance is AED 356

Documents Required for Issuing Land Map in Dubai

  1. Copy of the land title deed certificate.
  2. Copy of the Emirates ID card of the owner or the passport (if the person does not have an ID card within the UAE).
  3. Copy of Trade License Copy if the Owner is Company.

Conditions To Apply for Land Map

Those mentioned below may apply for a land map issuance:

  • Developers.
  • Property owners.
  • Owner’s representative.
  • Owner’s authorized person.
  • A relative of the owner.

Apply for land map issuance with Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee

We understand the intricacies involved in the issuance of this document that you may not be familiar with the process or don’t have time to process, we are here to help.

As a Dubai Land Department authorized center, Al Taresh Trustee can help you in the process of issuing a high-resolution land map for your property, with hassle-free and timely delivery. Below are some benefits of apply for a Land or Property Map with Al Taresh:

  • Simple and time efficient process.
  • No need to visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office.
  • Having 3 different locations in Dubai we will be close to you wherever you are. Our branches are Al Manara in South Dubai, Al Kifaf City Center, and Al Twar North of Dubai.
  • Since we are located inside Dubai Municipal Centers, you will be able to do all the governmental services you need under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I request a land map?

You have to submit a copy of the land title deed certificate along with a copy of your Emirates ID or passport if you’re not a UAE resident and pay the issuance fees to the Dubai land department

2. Is a building map the same as a property map?

3. Can I apply for a land map online?

4. How much does it cost to apply for a land map?

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