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Ejari Registration In Dubai

What Is Ejari?

Ejari is a system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that requires all Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded at this portal.

This system is made to organize and regulate the rental market of Dubai. This was initiated in the hopes of regulating relationships between landlords and tenants in Dubai.

It will cost you AED 221.75 for each registration.

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Documents Required For Ejari Registration

  1. Original tenancy contract. (unified tenancy contract)
  2. Applicant’s original Emirates ID card.
  3. Copy of owner’s passport with the signature page, or a copy of the Emirates ID (both sides).
  4. Copy of the map or the title deed certificate (in case the owner’s name is different from the system, or the owners are the heirs), or if there is no land plot number in the contract.
  5. If the tenant is a company: a copy of the trade license is also required. For new companies, the initial approval application is required with submission of their trade name approval application.
  6. If the tenant is an individual: a copy of the passport with the residence visa page and the Emirates ID of the tenant are required.
  7. In case of the contract signed by power of attorney; it must be brought. If it is from outside the UAE, it must be certified by the UAE Foreign Ministry inside the UAE. In addition to that is a copy of the attorney person’s passport with the signature page or a copy of his ID and copy of resident visa page.


Ejari Application Submission

  • The attorney person by the landlord or the person registering cannot be employed by a real estate company.
  • The applicant must be of relevance: a landlord, a tenant, or someone with POA. Here the original authorization documents must be brought or a relative of the first blood with proof of kinship.
  • If the applicant is a company delegate, he must be registered in the license.

In case the applicant is a PRO of the company, he must provide a PRO card with the name of the said company.

If the applicant is an employee, he must provide a letter of delegation with the company’s letterhead paper stamped and signed by them, in addition to a copy of the applicant’s passport copy, visa page copy which proves his relation to the said company with his original Emirates ID card.

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Why Choose Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee?

You need not worry about any hardships or inconvenience in conducting this process since we will be doing it all for you.

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  • No need of visiting the RERA office.
  • No need to train the RERA training course.
  • Having 3 different locations in Dubai we will be close to you wherever you are, (Al Manara /South of Dubai, Al Kifaf / City Center, Al Twar / North of Dubai)
  • Since we are located inside Dubai Municipal Centers, you will be able to do all the governmental services you need under one roof.


Please consider the following notes:

  • Please make sure that the consolidated contract is complete with a valid land registration number (Plot number) according to the property title deed.
  • The registration number of the premises number should be correct; according to DEWA.
  • The annual rental value has to be accurate so the contract value.
  • Take into consideration the start and the end dates.
  • The tenant must have only one name which will be registered in
  • The tenancy contract should be the unified tenancy contract.


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